Product Specifications

Bubbly 3D illustration

Model M


2 000 EPS


12 TB (RAID5)

Bubbly 3D illustration

Model L


6 000 EPS


40/80 TB (RAID6)

Bubbly 3D illustration

Model XL


10 000 EPS


120/160 TB (RAID6) + WA



> 10 000 EPS


> 120/160 TB (RAID6) + WA

Depending on the model, we provide 1RU (M), 2RU (L, XL) servers.

We use mainly Dell servers, on request we can build Logmanager on an HPE solution.

Each server comes with a 5 year NBD warranty, including 1 year of maitenance support.

If you have specific performance/cluster requirements, please contact our sales department.

Logmanager Forwarder

Are you interested in collecting data and logs from remote sites, laboratories, branches?

For these needs we have the Logmanager Forwarder, which collects events and logs from remote locations and forwards them safely to the central Logmanager.

Forwarder contains a buffer which can store logs locally in case of connectivity issues with central. Once connection is restored logs will be automatically forwarded. Additionally, forwarder sets up an encrypted tunnel to Logmanager, to ensure safety of data in transit.

Logmanager Agent

Do you want to collect Active Directory generated logs? Are you interested in logs from your applications that are stored as text files? Or as events from Windows Event Viewer?

Interested in logs from SYSMON?

For these needs we have a special client application for the Windows operating systems family.

Supported devices

Logmanager supports more than 135 different source devices plus generic structured logs in common formats like JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), Common Event Format (CEF), Log Event Extended Format (LEEF), WebTrends Enhanced Log Format (WELF) or structured Syslog as described in RFC5424.

Don't see your log source? No problem - let us know and we will implement it. Continuous work on expanding and improving our parsing capabilities is an important part of Logmanager solution.