Radical simplicity

Easy processing of text or database logs

Most SEM/SIEM solutions are infamous for their complexity and maintenance overhead. With Logmanager you don't need to wory about lengthy implementation, complex usage, licenses fees and week-long trainings. Focus on growing your business and let Logmanager deal with centralised management of events and logs.

Real-time data for IT operators

Logmanager ensures quick orientation in the huge amount of log data produced by an organisation. This enables IT operators to promptly response to an incident, discover its scope and start remediation before major harm is done.

User-friendly interface, fast learning curve

Intuitive user interface, unbeatable in its simplicity, can be used by everyone. With integrated visual programming, working with Logmanager is fun.


Security notifications and reporting

IT security doesn't have to be a nightmare. Logmanager can help you gain control over your environment. Send data from your security devices and applications to Logmanager, correlate between them, set up alerting and receive real-time incident information from one, unified source.

Support in rapid resolution during critical IT incident

Automated data enhancement, integration with external tools and enrichment to Windows logs support advanced incident detection process. Logmanager provides forensic analysis data in just a few clicks.

SIEM - log collection, enhancement and event correlation

Logmanager is the most cost-effective SIEM (Security information and event management) solution on the market.

With Logmanager you can:

  • correlate events between any processed fields
  • setup threshold monitoring and alerting
  • receive statistical data supported by mathematical functions
  • aggregate and extract important data from logs

Regulatory Compliance

Helps meet the requirements of laws and standards

Are you looking for solution to keywords such as: audit, reporting, SEM, SIEM, data analysis, log and event management, access control, user accountability? Does your organization (due to its scope or size) need a central machine data management, analysis and reporting system? Logmanager can help you do exactly that. ✅

  • ČSN/ISO 27001:2013
  • GDPR
  • PCI DSS v3.2
  • NIS 1/2

Enables auditing and forensic analysis of incidents

Incident analysis? What exactly happened, who, when, why, how? Machine data carries information, Logmanager gives you instant answers. Periodic audit? On-demand audit? Data stored in Logmanager strictly adheres to the requirements of the standards, laws and regulation and is usable as conclusive material for the investigation of incidents. Digitally signed machine data backups allow you to go back in time without limitations.

Brno City Transport Company, a.s.'s label

"Logmanager is the most useful thing we've gotten for our IT in years. It works first time, it's fast and easy not only to work with our own data but also to administer. At its core it includes support for all the important systems our organisation uses. Thanks to Logmanager's certified vendor, the implementation and subsequent training went very well. Our knowledge was supplemented by training organised by the manufacturer and detailed Czech documentation and a clear technical support portal are available. The solution is a great asset to the IT department's operations. On behalf of the Brno Transport Company we recommend. Ing. Xenia Malá Head of IT Department"

Ing. Xenia Malá, Head of IT Department
Brno City Transport Company, a.s.

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Product instead of service

Complete solution

Everything is evolving dynamically. Machine data is no exception. Processing and evaluating it is a complex task. Frequent minor adjustments to various settings, user permissions or adding new data sources is inevitable. Only an off-the-shelf product guarantees that your team will be able to make these small but necessary adjustments without having to call the vendor's manufacturer or technician for every little thing.

Trust radical simplicity that Logmanager brings.
You don't have to take our word for it, test the solution yourself before you buy.

Log and event collection from Microsoft 365 / Office 365 environment

It doesn't get any easier than that. Logmanager allows you to collect logs from any type of Microsoft 365 or Office 365 license. The process is implemented via API and does not require installation of additional components. Captured logs are sorted by origin application and properly tagged.

Logmanager comes with pre-defined dashboards providing a quick insight into your data. Setup alerts and gain knowledge about events with interesting security value.

Dictionary attacks, identity theft, access from unusual geolocations, new user creation - these are just a few from hundreds of configurable alerting possibilities.

Perfect solution for log collection from Windows environments

Everyone knows native Windows event forwarding mechanisms are lacking. Our unique solution to this issue is centraly managed Logmanager Orchestrator agent software. Gain insight into crucial security and IT operations events - user activities, filesystem access, processes, registry changes and more. All in one click.

Centrally managed agent provides a simple way to filter logs before they are sent to Logmanager. Use its massive performance of up to 3,000 EVTx and 17,000 text logs per second to collect logs from any Windows-based servers or workstations.

Logmanager includes extensive guide for creating efficient Active Directory audit policies, predefined views of data, critical event alerts and a video tutorials on how to easily address those complex issues.

Key features

Central overview of logs with graphical visualization

Single web interface, nothing more. You won't encounter macros, scripts, text configuration or even command line in Logmanager. You simply won't need it. Everything is controlled via a point-and-click graphical interface. This also applies to data visualization and searching.

Unified log format

The basis for efficient evaluation of machine data is unification of log format. Logmanager supports more than 120 log sources in a basic configuration. Integration of new and upgrades to existing sources is a part of Logmanager's technical support.

Compliance with the Cybersecurity Act

Don't make stuff up. Logmanager helps you address the legally required organizational and technical measures to manage risk, maintain security documentation and report cyber incidents. However, there is much more

Data integrity

Data, once captured by Logmanager, cannot be modified, deleted or otherwise degraded. Each record and index has its own unique fingerprint and each data export (backup) has its own digital signature.

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